Sunday, January 18, 2015

A HUMONGOUS Leap of Faith

I have a confession to make: I should have myself committed.

No. Scratch that (although my family might think otherwise). Really, I have just made the biggest leap of faith I think I have ever made. And my mother knows nothing about it. (I am in so much trouble.)

It's confession time. I have been writing. (Duh! What do you think this blog is?) No. I mean writing. Like screenplays and novels writing.

Yeah. I've got about 5-6 projects in varying stages of development for about 1 1/2 years of work. (I kinda let my ADD out of its litter box and it made a big ol' mess.)

So...what's the leap of faith? Well...for one thing, just admitting what I'm up to is not second nature to me. Telling family, friends and strangers...that's HUGE. (I don't know why. It just is.) Secondly, and the biggie, I just hit the SUBMIT button on a writing contest. My first novel-child will be given to an anonymous judge for critique (MY BABY!).

Inquiring minds might wonder what the novel-child is about. I'm calling it a psychological romance which loosely includes sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. It is NOT a bodice-ripper/smut book/whatever you call it. Body parts and functions are mentioned, a few descriptives are provided to create the situation, but otherwise I figure (most of) you are adults with an imagination that may need to be exercised (if'n you so choose).

So far I have had three trusted souls read the entire manuscript and the responses have been encouraging. My baby brother was forced (and I do mean forced. Did I not mention this is a romance?) to read said work no less than three times. Aside from the fact that he abhors my main male character's name, Beau (which I offered to change to Horace exclusively for him. He declined.), his initial review included the words "oddly compelling" and something about paybacks for making him shed a tear (which he will deny to his dying breath but I have it in writing).'s out in the open. All I know is that sometime between now and June, I should have a critique that will help me finalize my novel-child for publishing. In the meantime, I must remind myself to not fantasize about winning the contest (but that would be SOOOO COOOOL!!!)

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh good...I can discuss your insanity with mother openly now.

    For the record, I expect proper credit as a technical advisor and editor.

    As to the alleged tear, there are good and proper reasons for said eye moisture which are nonw of your readership's business. I may or may not choose to educate MY readership on those reasons. Ergo, I'm not denying anything.

  2. Hiding stuff from us, eh? Wish I could read and critique your writings. I KNOW what's good and what's not, based upon my own preferences for reading material. Best of Luck at winning the prize!

    1. Thank you, Sissy! I'll keep you posted!

  3. You'll do well in the contest. They are so nerve-wracking that I quit submitting. You are a much braver woman than I am!

  4. I don't know about that, GunDiva, but thank you! I just happy to have so many people cheering me on!