Saturday, December 6, 2014

One Proud Mama

It's time to brag a little. I am a proud Mama of two terrific girl children. Between the two, I have learned and experienced more than I ever expected. Most of those experiences were due to my own involvement because I firmly believed that if I did not chaperone, help, clean, or help out in some small way, then my child would not have many of the experiences that they sought. So I was/am a children's choir director, Destination Imagination manager, band mom (of the World's Largest High School Band--google it), FFA mom, archery mom, youth counselor, dessert auction chair, field trip chaperone, or anything else that was needed.

Today I was the archery mom. Myrtle the Younger has participated in the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) for the past 3 years and has gone to the state competition each year. She had a tournament today and scored 262 out of 300. That ties her personal best and it's still early in the year.

(For those who do not know about archery tournaments--there are 3 sets of 5 arrows shot at both 10 meters and 15 meters for a total 300 points. A bullseye is worth 10 points. There are kids who shoot in the 290s. The highest score I have seen was 298. The nice thing is that the (most) kids are only concerned with their personal best. No one has a sense of how others are performing, except maybe the person who they are partnered with for scoring. I think that is why Myrtle the Younger enjoys the competition. (No stress.)

She has another tournament on Thursday on home turf. Both today's and Thursday's tournaments are state qualifiers. She should make a team again this year based on the 262 score, but she is hoping for a higher score on Thursday.

Go Myrtle!!


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