Thursday, November 27, 2014

Another Birthday, Something Else to Remember

Welcome to my blog. I think the blog name says a lot. I'm from Texas (and proud of it) and insanity is always waiting around the next corner. Take this endeavor for one example. My beloved baby brother insists I should write for several reasons. Between him and a few friends who also think I have something to say, I go.

It is fitting, I think, to begin these ramblings on the eve of my birthday (no, I will not say which one, it is just another birthday). It also happens to be Thanksgiving. So for starters, I will focus on counting my blessings and use that as a basic introduction to my life. It is guaranteed that I will forget something/someone of importance, therefore I reserve the right to add to my list at any time.

1. God. He has led me through this life even when I wasn't asking him to. Now I find that if I ask for guidance, I will usually get some signal of what I direction I should take. I may share some of the better stories at some point.

2. My family. The immediate characters who claim me include my parents and father-in-law, the aforementioned brother, a spouse, two intelligent and talented daughters, a black lab, and three bunnies. I will put names to the above as appropriate. Please know that their names/nicknames may frequently change depending on my mood and what kind of trouble they have gotten into at any given moment.

After the first two blessings, numerical order only indicates the order in which the blessings came to mind, not importance.

3. My Sunday School class. We come with a disclaimer and probably need more meds than we currently take. Oh, well...I am honored to belong to this insane group of highly intelligent people who keep me thinking and growing in all manner of ways, yet still pull off an almost undefeated record of Annual Youth Chili Cook-off wins for best theme (Backsliders Cafe, Hillbilly Chili, and Flaming Big Tex to name a few).

4. New and old friends. I will only name those with permission to protect the guilty (and innocent) but you know who you are.

5. My work. Although I do not always agree with the direction healthcare is going, my 22 year career as an Occupational Therapist has been an interesting one. My hope is to find a way to survive my current situation to follow the path I was led down (see blessing #1). I keep asking myself what I want to be when I grown up, but I know OT will continue to play some part in my life no matter what I do.

6. My health.

I'm sure there are other blessings that I simply can't remember at this time. In about 45 minutes, I will celebrate another birthday. Here's to another year and to this new venture, which is something else to remember.



  1. Great job T. Proud (or should I be?) to be in at least one of the above referenced groups. Happy Birthday!

  2. See, I told you people would read your brain oozings. You forgot to add your brother in law, sisters in law and your niece, the cutest little girl in the world.

    1. As is forewarned I would forget someone. I also forgot one nephew & multiple extended family on all sides. It was, after all, nearly midnight.

    2. For the record, I did not insist you write. You were already writing. I merely suggested you create an outlet for your literary droolings. And you're still mom's favorite.