Books By Moi:

If You Touch My Mind--2015

     When Beau Joshua helped his best friend start a rock band, he had no idea what challenges he would encounter. After ten years of success, Beau struggles to stay in control of his life and addiction to drugs. His efforts are undermined by one manipulative woman and a greedy manager.

     Houston psychologist, Annabelle Henderson, uses her ability to enter minds to help clients work through the fears and demons which keep them entrenched in unhealthy behaviors. While she can address the entities damaging a client’s soul, there are demons she cannot face: her own.

     When friends introduce the pair, the attraction is evident. Beau refuses Anna’s professional help but begins a journey to understand his decisions and past. As he makes progress, he realizes that Anna is trapped in a personal hell of devastating emotional scars. A life-threatening injury gives Beau the opportunity to confront their demons, including the one that betrayed Anna, in order to help her heal.

Keep Your Eyes On Me--2016

Mitch Monzingo thought he made all the right decisions: leave small town Texas for the bright lights of Los Angeles, answer the seductive lure of Hollywood, and support his family back home. Stunning success should be enough to make everyone proud, including the girl he reluctantly left behind.
Abandoned by her high school crush and best friend following one perfect night, Dora Therrell fought to make her dreams come true. After years of hardship and secrets, with a best-selling novel, she has finally achieved the success which leads to security.

A desire to please confronts the need to protect when a chance encounter thrusts Mitch and Dora together again. It is up to self-proclaimed matchmaker, Faye Santiago, and respected psychologist, Annabelle Joshua, to tackle the secrets and demons which separate Mitch and Dora from true happiness.

Healer (Spiritual Gift #1) (2017)
Child of stealth and dark,
Led by spirits will;

Prinz Kellan uses his gifts to keep his family and country safe, although only two recognize his contributions. When his older brother falls ill, he must seek a healer before their lifelong enemy can do further damage to the throne.
Child of grace and light,
Marked by healing skill,

Ariane hides her gifts behind her role as a midwife's apprentice. When her peaceful existence is disrupted, she must abandon her simple life for a world she knows little about.

Bind troth at death's arch.
Using God’s gifts, they navigate an uncharted course to find peace, only to learn that the peace they seek may come at too high a price.

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